– Our Vision – 

Our Vision is to see Christians come together to use their creative talents and passions to tell stories that point people to Jesus. 


Teach new ways to see the world, engage culture, and see ourselves in God’s story.


Inspire Christians to use their creativity to tell stories for the glory of God.


Unify the Body of Christ by bringing together people from different backgrounds to work together on creative projects.

Core Beliefs 


We believe that Jesus is God. He was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, died and rose from the dead, bringing salvation and eternal life to those who put their trust in Him.


We believe the Bible is the primary way we learn about Jesus and His teachings. We believe that God has kept lies from entering into His word and that we can trust what the Bible says.


We believe God loves art. His first act was creating the world out of nothing. Through all types of art we can reflect God, the original source of creativity, and point others to Him.


We believe the Church is to be unified. Each Christian has different gifts and talents given to them by God. By bringing together a diverse group of Christians we become stronger and can accomplish more for the Glory of God than we can do apart.